Waymasters 2012

In the spring of 2010, the band released its first national single. Until then, radio play for the group had been limited to the southeast and to certain web sites. As a result of the national release, a revised version of I Know a Man debuted on the national Christian Voice charts at #83. It then found its way onto the International Top 100 Charts and ultimately became the band’s first national top 20 hit.

In early August of 2010 the group was honored further

by receiving a total of six nominations for some of

gospel music’s top awards: Group of the Year,

                                     Christian Comedian of the Year

                                      (Tommy Frizsell), Song of the

                                      Year & Artist, for I Know A

                                       Man, Crown Jewel Southern

                                       Gospel, Crown Jewel Acoustic

                                        Gospel and Songwriter of the

                                        Year (Darrell Frizsell).

                                         As 2011 began, the band was

                                         honored with a Group/Band

                           of the Year nomination from the 2011 AGAPE Fest Fan Appreciation Awards. Fans from

across the country voted the Waymasters as one of the

top 5 best groups of 2011. The group was also nominated

as one of the nation’s top 5 favorite christian country

bands by the Christian Voice CGM Fan Awards. A honor that was repeated in 2012.

The Group’s second national single, God Sent an Angel shot to the top 20 nationwide and reached #1 on one of the northeast’s largest gospel stations, WCWV 92.9 fm. It finished the year as the stations #3 song of the year. It became the group’s second International Top 100 hit and spent an amazing 16 months on the gospel charts.

In June of 2012 the Waymasters, under pressure from their fans, decided to release a limited number of “Studio Proofs” of their soon to be released eighth album, Smoky Mt. Gospel Vol. 2. Proof copies are what the band listens to while making the album in order to make decisions about each song, such as what instruments need to be used or vocal treatments, etc. Basically for them to “proof” each song before final adjustments are made. The proofs released are rough mixes of nine of the songs that will appear on the 12 song project. As proofs, they are unfinished and include some talking before and after the songs that will not appear on the final product. Other differences fans may notice between the proof CD’s and the final versions could be the addition of different instruments, vocal parts and overall mixes of the songs. Only 250 of the proofs were made and all proofs are numbered and signed by the band. Fans of the band are already considering them collectors items.

The Group’s third national single, Let Me Feel Your Spirit Once Again was released in June of 2012. It debuted that same month at #73 on the Christian Country News charts. One month later, the song became the group’s first national #1 hit. It remained the #1 song for August blessing the group with a two month ride in the top spot.

                               In the spring and early summer of   

                                2012 Harold began to feel a calling

                                for a different direction regarding his

                                work for the Lord. In addition, he had

                                 began to struggle with minor health

                                 issues and the demands of traveling

                                  and performing were beginning to

                                  take their toll. Finally, after several

                                  months of internal debate, he made a

                                  call to the band. On August 30, 2012,

                                  after 33 years and with a #1 song on

                                  the radio, Harold Frizsell sadly felt

                                   the time had come to retire from

                                   performing the gospel music he so

                                   loved. The Waymasters wish him

                                   only the best as he pursues the

leading of the Lord in his life and future endeavors.

He will be missed.

                 For the rest of the group, the blessings continued in 2012 as they received another round of nominations for some of gospel music’s top honors: Group of the Year, Acoustic Gospel Crown Jewel, Male Vocalist of the Year (Darrell Frizsell), and Entertainers of the Year.

In September, Let Me Feel Your Spirit Once Again continued it’s amazing chart run by becoming the first

song to reach #1 for three months in a row in

the chart’s history. It continued at the #2 spot

for October and November and in December

charted #2 internationally on GTE Music

Magazine’s God’s Country International

Gospel Music Chart. This gave the song the

amazing honor charting in the top two for

six months! The group also ranked #4 on

the “Most Played Overseas Gospel Artists”

charts for December along with Guy

Penrod (#19) and the Isaacs (#17), among

others. The song then earned honors as the

2012 Christian Country Gospel Song of

the Year. The band is so very thankful and

quick to give all the glory to God.

November also marked the date of the

group’s fourth national release, Wreck on the Highway.

A complete reworking of the old 1940’s hit, the song showcases the band’s arrangement skills and vocal

uniqueness. In March, 2013 the song became the group’s fourth top 20 and second top 10 by charting #9 and #10

on the National and International Country Gospel Charts respectively.

March also saw the release of the group’s fifth national single, Little Mountain Church House. In June, 2013 it became the group’s second #1 hit and second International Top 5. In July it became their second multi-month #1 and gave the band the honor of having the #1 song for July in both 2012 and 2013. The song went on to become the 2013 Christian Country Gospel Song of the Year marking the second consecutive year the band was awarded the honor.

Blessings continued in 2013 in another round of gospel’s top nominations: Song of the Year, Acoustic Gospel Crown Jewel, Male Vocalist of the Year (Darrell Frizsell), and Entertainers of the Year.

July 2013 marked the release of the Waymasters’ sixth release, There’s a Man in Here. In January 2014 the song became the group’s third national #1 single while charting #2 on the International Gospel Charts for November 2013. The song repeated at #1 nationally for February marking their third multi-month #1 single.

In March 2014 they released their seventh single, Lift Up Your Hands. In July it became their fourth national #1 and marked the third consecutive year the Waymasters posted the #1 song for July. They continued to hold the top seat nationally for August while posting #3 internationally. This gave the group the honor of holding the #1 song for August two of the last three years.

Another year of nominations saw the group named in six of gospel musics biggest categories: Vocal Group of the Year, Song of the Year, Video of the Year, Acoustic Gospel Crown Jewel, Male Vocalist of the Year (Darrell Frizsell), and Gospel Entertainers of the Year.

In August 2014 they released their eighth single, There’s a Light guiding Me. The band ending the year being named 2014 Christian Country Gospel group of the Year.

In March 2015, There’s a Light guiding Me became the band’s fifth Top 5 Hit by charting #2 nationally.

In February 2015 their ninth single, What would I do without Your Son became the band’s first acapella song to be released as a single. Chewie sings lead on this harmonic, traditional sounding piece that topped out in May 2015 at #2 as their sixth Top 5 hit.

In September 2015 their tenth single, Hills of Glory was released this time with Tim fronting the verses. The song became the fifth #1 single for the band after scoring the lead spot in February 2016. This achievement set a gospel record as the Waymasters became only the fifth artist in history to release five #1 singles from the same album. They join Michael Jackson, Rodney Crowell, Brad Paisley and Katy Perry in the prestigious honor. They also became only the second artist in history to have eight Top 10s off the same album. Shania Twain’s country offering, “Come on Over” ranking as the only other project to achieve the milestone.

                                                          February 2016 also

                                                          marked the release of

                                                          their eleventh single,

                                                          Take Me Home. A celtic

                                                          sounding ballad that

                                                          stirs both the mind and

                                                          soul. In October it

                                                          became the group’s

                                                          sixth #1 from the

                                                          Smoky Mt. Gospel

                                                          Vol. 2 album placing

                                                          the band alone in the

                                                          record books as having the most #1 and Top 10 singles from the same album.

In February 2017 the group reluctantly released their tenth single off the Smoky MT. Gospel Vol. 2 project. In May it ranked #7 on the GTE Country Gospel Charts and remains in rotation nationally as the band’s current single. The Group humbly prays that the Lord use it to touch hearts and bless souls through the Holy Spirit as He has with their other songs.

The summer of 2017 was a truly

blessings filled summer for the the

guys. They were nominated for 11

of the countries highest gospel music

honors including Album of the Year,

Group of the Year, Crossover Artist

of the Year just to name a few. They

were awarded the 2017 Gospel Music

Fan Awards Favorite Country Gospel

Group as well as 2017 Group of the

Year and 2017 Bluegrass Artist of

the Year. The group gives God all

the glory!

The group is available for bookings

and continue to perform across the country

to old and new fans alike, spreading the Word of the Lord through praise and song. The Waymasters were founded in their faith and love for God and each other, and on that foundation they continue.

Waymasters 2010

Waymasters receive 2017 ICGMA Group of the Year