1. BulletOn a roll! The Waymasters were honored as the 2015 ICGMA Bluegrass Artist of the Year for best acoustic artist!

  2. BulletBack to back! What would I do without Your Son became the group’s sixth national top 5 hit by charting #2 for May 2015!

  3. BulletTop 5 Hit! There’s a Light Guiding Me became the group’s fifth national top 5 hit by charting #2 for March 2015!

  4. BulletFour on the floor! Lift Up Your Hands became the group’s fourth national #1 by charting at the top spot in the New York Music Review for May 2014 and the CCGN charts for July and August!

  5. BulletThey say three is a trend! The Waymasters’ third #1 single also became the band’s third multi-month #1 within 18 months with their sixth single, There’s a Man in Here claiming the top spot for both January and February 2014.

  6. BulletWaymasters win the CGM Song of the Year for the second year in a row, 2012 & 2013!

  7. BulletMake it two in a row! Little Mt. Church House became the group’s second multi-month #1 single in less than a year ranking first for both June and July 2013.

  8. BulletWaymasters’ smash single, Let Me Feel Your Spirit Once Again set records for 2012 by charting #1 for an amazing three months.


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