As the ’90s began the band’s constant touring schedule finally took its toll. In early 1990, lead singer and original member, Grant Lanning decided to leave the group in order to spend more time with his family. Danny and Darrell were chosen to take over his singing duties for the band. Though the sound barely changed, the influence of the younger lead vocals began to make a fresh impact in the overall feel of the band. The Waymasters continued to tour, praising God with their unique style and spreading the word of the Lord through song. The group, however, was running on fumes. After many nonstop years of traveling, they were in dire need of a self-imposed rest to recharge. Near the end of 1991, the Waymasters decided to take a well deserved break from the road.

Though they weren’t traveling in the early and mid 1990s, the group kept busy with many members participating in

                       various projects. They would often get

                        together in assorted incarnations to praise in

                        song. Frequently, members were seen

                         performing at annual festivals in the

                         mountains of North Carolina and TN.

                          Finally, in 1997, the group reentered the

                          studio to begin production of its sixth

                           record. Their good friend, Brian Kuhl,

                           later would join the current version of

                            the band: Tommy, Harold, Clif, Danny,

                            Tim, Darrell, and Chewie. Brian had been

                             a college mate of Danny’s and a song-

                             writing partner of both Darrell and Tim.

                              Also a lead guitarist, Brian was to be

                              featured on an original song on the new

                               project. However, the group was now

                               very spread apart. Previously having been based out of Asheville, NC, members now spanned two states, from Nashville, TN, to Morganton, NC. This made recording a difficult and, oftentimes, long process, with actual recording only averaging a few hours a month. The 90s ended with the group in the studio. And as the millennium began, so too did a new chapter of the Waymasters.