2001’s Record, Unseen Angels
Waymasters 2006

As a new century began, the band emerged with its sixth album, Unseen Angels. In 2001, the record was given to God as their offering of praise to Him through the gifts He had given them.

The immediate popularity of Unseen Angels surprised everyone in the band. Almost overnight, the album became the group’s most popular project to date, outselling the   other records two to one. The album would also eventually spawn two Gospel Single of the Year nominations for the song I Know a Man, and one for the song Walk in the Light. It also produced six online radio, myUSAGEM.org, number one singles: I Know a Man, Angel Band, God Sent an Angel, Why Me, Walk in the Light, and Listen to the Wind.

                      In the summer of 2003, after much prayer,

                      longtime baritone singer Clif Lanning sadly

                       decided the time had come to exchange his

                       mic for a pulpit. He wanted to concentrate his

                        full focus in the teaching ministry field,

                        something he had always been involved with

                         but felt led to do in an increasingly larger

                         roll over the previous few years.

                         The following year, latest member,

                          Brian Kuhl, also made the tough choice to

                          leave the stage. A new job opportunity and plans of starting a family with his wife would not allow the time needed for him to continue. However, though no longer officially part of the band, Brian, to this day, still remains close and continues to co-write on new material and contributes to the group in many ways.

It was during this time that the Waymasters decided to retire three of their older albums, I am His, He is Mine,

                                    Smoky Mountain Gospel, and Led

                                     out of Bondage. But since these

                                      projects were still popular with

                                      fans and contained many of the

                                       group’s most recognized songs,

                                        a decision was made to

                                        combine the most popular

                                         selections from each record

                                         into one. The compilation

                                          was entitled, Smoky Mountain

                                          Gospel Vol. 1 and marked the

                                           band’s seventh album


In the fall of 2004, the six remaining members entered a state park in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains to record their seventh album. It was to be a live recording made in one of the long abandoned churches that dotted the park. With only the folks who happened upon the recording in attendance, the group aimed to recreate the sound of the old, mountain church house singings of long ago. Opting to use a single guitar as their accompaniment, the group sang mountain classics as well as some

of their more popular songs over the

years. The album was simply called,

Waymasters Live. Upon its release

the record immediately became a

hit with fans and was critically

acclaimed for its Spirit-filled

harmonies and realistic approach.

The record as a whole was so

infectious that it received an 

Album of the Year nomination in 2005. Many

videos of the performances from the making of this

album can be seen on the band’s youtube channel: youtube.com/thebluegoose79.

In fact, the nomination jump started a string of nominations and awards that continue to this day. That same year the Waymasters also received a nomination for Song of the Year. In 2009 the group was nominated for even more awards including Group of the Year, Song of the Year, for Walk in the Light, and the Crown Jewel Acoustic Gospel Award. Taking home the Crown Jewel Award for 2009’s best acoustic gospel group.

Waymasters 2004